Oceans Of Life Competition Winners

Oceans Of Life 2015 1st Place - Albert Olle Callau - An eye in the dark ©

Oceans Of Life 2015 2nd Place - Lynn Wu - Symbiotic Relationship ©
Oceans Of Life 2015 3rd Place - Lorenzo Terraneo - Serpula ©

Oceans Of Life 2015 Above The Line - Davide Gaglio - Turbulent Penguin ©

The Oceans of Life Photo Competition highlights and addresses issues relevant to the entire marine life environment. The Oceans of Life Photo Competition is now closed. This is a National Marine Week Initiative.

Objectives of the Oceans of Life Competition

  • Creating awareness of the importance and plight of the marine environment targeting the general public and people of influence (teachers, corporates, decision makers etc);
  • Changing behaviour- providing people with concrete actions that they can take up to help the marine environment i.e. make it practical;
  • Create a groundswell of public demand for change in lifestyles and industry practices;
  • Mobilise resources for the Festival in general and conservation research;
  • Advocacy and Lobbying initiatives: targeting higher level decision makers for systemic change.

Vision and Values

  • For the public to be inspired by ocean life and how important it is to protect, use, sustain and treat responsibly/respectfully;
  • To leave with a newfound respect for the ocean, and how it affects me as an individual and the country as a whole in terms of job creation, food security, social issues, socio-economics, livelihoods, sustainability etc.
  • To develop an actively engaged society that is informed and inspired towards celebrating and sustaining our oceans.